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  • Domination

  • NO SEX

  • NEW: Exclusive BDSM performance for private adult events 

  • My taboo is intimate contact with a slave

  • SPECIALTY: Shoe and Foot Fetish

  • Bondage

  • Role Games

  • Travesti Games

  • SPECIALTY: Anal Treatment

  • Beginners Pleasant

  • Dildo Games

  • CBT

  • Humiliation

  • Bi- and Lesbian Games

  • Whoring Education

  • Partner Education

  • Slapping

  • Domina Accompanying Service

  • Special requests by arrangement

BDSM Cyprus by Lady Diva
Foot fetish games with Lady Diva

Shoe Fetish and Feet Erotic

We share a passion for sexy feet and a few other things that go with them.

​As an attractive and experienced fetish model, I will firmly point you in the right direction and help you explore your foot fetish and give in to it with willing servitude. Foot fetishists of all ages, regardless of wether already experienced or beginners, can thank their lucky stars that I graciously permit them to journey into the world of erotic feet and breathtaking high heels.

I am the queen of foot eroticism.

However, you will see besides my physical presence, I also have other sexy ideas to offer that permit you to follow your desire and live your fetish in a satisfying way.


Ever thought of a bi-sexual encounter?

One of her services makes this possible.


Get ready for a new experience. Book a session with Lady Diva in which she forces you to experiment with your bi feelings.

Especially for these kind of sessions, Lady Diva has a slave available. 


Imagine now, she orders both of you in a strict tone what to do, she will not tolerate a "no" from you and all you can do is obey. Under her supervision, she will order you anything she wants.... and that's just the beginning.....


Note: The whole session can take place in utmost privacy for you using a mask while your identity is kept secret.

For Bi-games normal session prices apply.

Bi-games with Lady Diva
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