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What a shameful situation. This slave demonstrates his submission and dedication to me. He gets satisfaction from public humiliation and he spares no effort in satisfying my desires.

I publicly disgrace him by showing him fully recognisable on the internet and on my website. 

He volunteered for the photo-shoot, signed away his copyright ownership and the only compensation in return which he asked was a harsh whipping on his ass in the presence of several ladies watching how I punish him after the photoshoot.

Not everyone can negotiate like a shark, I guess.

Creative and Fun Marketing

The best marketing is the kind that makes someone else blush... while you rake in the cash. 


My website had been live for a while, but it just wasn't attracting the audience I needed. So I came up with a creative idea to boost those numbers!


My photo slave from above booked again a 3 hour BDSM session and I knew that he was the right choice to achieve my marketing goals.

As the session started I told him "I have a task for you, I want you to make some promotion for my website and I know you can do that."As always he directly replied "Yes Mistress, I promise I do everything for my Mistress" And that was exactly what I wanted to hear from him. With a smile and a sweet voice I explained my marketing plan. "I'd like you to send out a 'Like this Page' request to your thousands of Facebook friends to like my business  facebook page,' "BDSM Cyprus by Lady Diva". I already send you an invitation to become administrator for my page, accept this and then you're able to invite all your contacts with two clicks. 

Since he'd just promised "to do everything for me", I knew I put him in a tricky spot. He stared at me, completely confused, as he understood the implication of my request. " I didn't want to give him any time to overthink so with two strong face slaps I looked straight at him and said "What are you waiting for slave, I don't have all day!" He truly can't resist me and instantly he replied, "Yes, Mistress. I'll do it right now. It's my pleasure, Mistress" In less than ten seconds, he accepted my "ad administrator" invation, clicked the "like this page", and choose the option "all contacts" and off it went....... Thousands of people receiving my page invitation under his name during the next few seconds.


Here comes the juicy part!! When people see the word bdsm as in "BDSM Cyprus by Lady Diva" nobody can resist their curiosity. Everybody clicks accepts the invitation to see it and when my Facebook page opens, then... jaws dropping from amazement. Surprise! My slave, displayed at his best on the cover photo of my Facebook page. The photo where I'm sitting on him and he is fully recognisable for everyone. Oops, my mistake, I "forgot" to mention this small detail to him.

With this attention-grabbing opener, I've immediately captured everyone's interest. Laughter and amusement, people forwarding the link of my page to each other. And next, everyone wants to see more, so everybody visits my website where there's so much more to discover........

And the cherry on top? He did everything entirely out of his own free will, from his own account.

Oh my! Did this slave just really ..... obey me? I almost couldn't believe it myself. Whatever should I do with such a compliant slave? For the second he did a fantastic job! To celebrate my victory he deserved some extra reward. 

Whoops! Turns out I "accidentally" turned him into the world's biggest laughingstock. But hey, my business goals are definitely worth his humiliation, right?

I must agree, capitalism is great. This slave pays his money for a session, and at the same time becomes my most successful social media tool for the low, low cost of absolutely zero euro for me.


Already during the session, the visits of my website skyrocketed showing more than thousand of unique visits in the first two hours as it happened early evening and people are busy on internet. He created a viral social media thread exceeding even my most ambitious expectations. Can you imagine the shock and gossip I caused. My website still got tons of hits weeks later and my business is thriving ever since! 


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