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Real life cuckold session ! With Lady Diva and her bull.

I offer an extra-ordinary real-life cuckolding session. The time-range of the package is around 3 hours and even a long-term night-over session is possible.

An erotic adventure that is unique and designed for true bdsm connaisseurs. Including cuckold cleaning up orders, and preparing the bull for me.

The sessions take place in one of the top hotels in Limassol. Booking and price of the hotel-room is not included in the packages as hotel preferences and seasonal prices fluctuate.


The session starts when we both meet in the hotel room at the time and date as we agreed upon. My bull will not be present at that stage. He will join in later.

The first 10/15 minutes will be used as introduction to talk through your expectations and, very important (!), your boundaries. This intro is there to make sure you feel at ease.

You have any limits? This is the moment to tell me.

I never start a game without proper introduction. Also it is important to know a little more about yourself so I can get an idea of how I will organise the upcoming game.

About my own non-negotiable limits you can read below so you know upfront what to expect and what not. 


The cuckold sessions I perform are meant for submissives and slaves who also enjoy BDSM aspects such as punishment and humiliation. 

People looking for sex or a live sex show are at the wrong place here.


Depending to your boundaries I will make my script of the game ...... The exact details of the play and the script you won't know in advance so the effect of surprise will not be ruined.


After our intake conversation I order you to fully undress yourself. During this part of the session we are just the two of us. As my new pet doggie all you wear is a leather collar, and while you crawl next to me I keep you tight on a leash. 

I'll use this time for training purposes. I want you to learn and to obey to my commands so you will know exactly what you must to do when I say "Sit", "Show yourself", "Thank Mister","Answer me", "Thank Lady". All clear commands that I want you to execute immediately with dedication and passion once we're in the game. The last thing I need is a cuckold who insults me by not carrying out my orders properly. 


At some point there will be a knock on the door. As a well-trained doggie you will craw next to me on a leash. When I open the door my boyfriend comes in to greet me with kisses and hugs while you will be right under my feet.

You get the opportunity to proof your value as my new cuckold. When you hear me say "Greet Mister" you know there is no other option than to obey and to do what I trained you to do, regardless how humiliating it might be for you the first time. But frankly, I don't care about your feelings of shame. As my cuckold you will learn your place.

According to my instructions you will submissively and respectfully introduce yourself as Lady Diva's new cuckold slave. On the ground, face down to the floor.

And you better do this exactly how I told you. A small hesitation from you will be answered with harsh whipping of your ass. 

I promise you that only the first time you will feel ashamed about this, the second time wil be already normal and feel natural.

Than the real fun will start. I always want to know exactly who my new cuckold is. 

While you sit naked in front of me, face down to the floor, I will will interrogate you with painful questions, all about your cuckold phantasies and about your experiences with women.

During my questioning I will ask you things that you never dared to speak out loud before. On my command "Answer" I expect you to answer 100% honest. Let's see if I can make fun out of you. The more you feel ashamed the more I like it.

After my questioning and some more "games" for my own amusement I will lock you on a chain that is wrapped around the toilet bowl in the bath-room. That is the place where a cuckold belongs. From there he will be able to witness every sound from the bedroom. 

At some moment during the game the cuckold has to proof his obedience to me when I order him to clean.


Cuckold sessions can be flexible designed, taking into account my 2 rules below. You can choose between the "Regular cuckold session" or the "Night-over cuckold session".... In any case, spiritual pleasure and satisfaction are guaranteed.

The night-over session lasts all night and is for the real die-hard cuckolds and it will bring any submissive full into sub-space.

Imagine to fall asleep next to the toilet with a butplug inserted and the next minute the light unexpectedly goes on. Your mistress is standing in front of you with another order to follow.

Embrace your role as cuckold. It's no shame. Being openly a cuckold is a role that can be very satisfying. This type of relationship is appreciated and increasingly becoming the standard for many ladies nowadays. Times are changing gentlemen!

Here are two main rules I have regarding cuckold sessions:

1) A cuckold will never see me undressed and he will never directly witness and watch my interaction nor touch me. I allow a cuckold to get satisfaction by hearing the sounds of my private encounter next door and listening my love whispers. He gets the honour to have secret glimpse into my private life. 

2) My approach in all of this is that I am a mistress in charge of a special BDSM session that resolves around cuckolding. Just like any other BDSM sessions the session is not about sex. It is about you being submissive to me. Your ability to enjoy something that is so close and yet at the same time total out of reach is the key to your satisfaction.


During our intro talk you can tell me your boundaries and I will respect them. However, once we start the session you will obey to me,100%. No discussion. Your shame is not an argument either.

I can realize this crazy cuckold adventure and I guarantee you that this is the hottest thing you ever did for yourself.


Regular 3 hr. Cuckold Session € 700,00

Overnight Cuckold Session € 1500,00

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Lady Diva
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Lady Diva Mistress for Cuckolds
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